Monday, January 31, 2011

Ch. 1 : An Overview of Developemental Physical Education

This was a very interesting reading, one thing in particular that caught my interest was the aid Physical Education provides in developing perceptual motor learning in the spatial and temporal world.  I never really thought about phys. ed. as a catalyst to developing young minds, i generally thought about phys. ed. in the traditional terms(that it provided only physical fitness and aiding in modeling healthy lifestyles).  This chapter suggests that early physical education is the foundation for key athletic skills such as coordination and balance.  That is very interesting to me, because most people see the foundation for athleticism to be "god given" or formed through early participation in one's sport.  I believe if more people recognized that phys. ed. creates better athletes there would be more support, rather than believing the only important factor to athleticism in their young children's lives is youth sports.

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